A Day in the Life of a Classroom

This story is about Room 2 - students and staff - at the Monarch School of New England's high school / vocational center, the Williams site. It takes place over a period of six months: September 2021 through January 2022.

Thank you to Room 2's amazing staff: Hailey, Angel, Destinee, Emily, Gary, Jenn, Kelly, Sheri, and Steve - for your part in all of this.

And of course, none of this would be possible without the absolute best students: Bella, Charlie, Cody, Gage, Jackie, Trace, Tyler and Zander.

Hailey: Teacher in Room 2 /
Grades 10 - 12
at the Williams Site

I went to Plymouth State University and received my Bachelors in Childhood Studies. I focused my work on Child Welfare and Family Studies, where I had the opportunity to study the role of families, schools and communities. Experiencing and working in several environments, I knew the school setting was where I was meant to be.

I have become not only an educator but an advocate. I teach for my students – for the people they are and the people they will become. I am dedicated to enabling each student to discover who they are and what they love. I love being able to design and adapt my lessons so that my students will make connections on a personal level. I want my students to be able to improve and celebrate their own actions, skills, talents and abilities.

Celebrating small victories will have a large impact on their overall success. I love knowing that they learned something new because I was able to teach them in a way that made sense for them. It’s rewarding to know I have been able to reach them and help them on their way to future independence. 

I am so grateful for Monarch and having the opportunity to do what I love everyday!

Jason - Physical Therapist Assistant - preps Cody for movement which helps him achieve good posture so he can be ready to learn.


"Before I teach any lesson I do my very best to eliminate classroom distractions (for example, excessive noise, unneeded materials or equipment etc.). It's very important to model what I want my students to do and clearly define classroom expectations for work and behavior. 

To set up each student for success, each lesson is presented visually and verbally. Each activity is broken down into smaller steps. I use diagrams, graphics and pictures to support my instruction. Throughout each block, I allow time for my students to process requests and ask questions.

I use adaptive equipment if appropriate (electronic books, Ipads, computers, switches etc.).  At the end of each class, I summarize the important segments of the lesson and reflect on the information that was presented"
- Hailey / Teacher

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Singing Talent: Gage / The Knack
"My Sharona"

Singing Talent: Trace / Rascal Flatts
"Life is a Highway" - "Cars" Official Video

In My Heart

Room 2 uses this book to look at feelings

See the book being read HERE


Dave teaches woodworking at the high school. In this class, Room 2 students Trace and Tyler (in addition to other students) are building three different styles of wooden flags: traditional, 1776 and commemorative for police, military, fire ... which will be sold in the school store. In this non-traditional atmosphere, students learn dexterity, use of tools and patience, all of which are useful as lifelong skills.

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Learning is supported by therapies which help students develop skills to participate fully in the classroom.

Crystal is a speech and language pathologist. She worked with Cam - who graduated - assisting him to independently follow directions in gardening. "Cam is super smart - our work allowed him to be independent in completing the gardening tasks rather than relying on me. These skills will transfer to his adult life in his community jobs."

"Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"

Room 2 uses this book to explore keeping promises, persuasion and the value of discipline.

See the book HERE

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